5 Quick and Dirty Tips for Using Microsoft FrontPage to Create More Attractive Websites

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Having trouble creating an attractive website? Don’t worry…with 5 easy-to-use features of Microsoft FrontPage, you can make your website look more professional in minutes.

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Creating professional looking websites can definitely be a challenge.

While anyone in the world can learn the basics of HTML and get a working website up and running, creating a great-looking website can be a different story.

The internet is full of cheap family sites that look like they were designed by a first year HTML student.

Would you like your websites to look like this?

I hope not. Especially when it’s so easy to make your websites look more professional with Microsoft FrontPage.

Here are 5 ways FrontPage can make your websites look more professional right away.

1.Collection of high-quality clipart and photos Few people really know how great the Microsoft clip art collection is. This collection of images is created and maintained by one of the richest companies in the world.Absolutely crushes any other collection that you have seen on the Internet in terms of quantity and quality available images.Using HTML tables that are unnecessary information, the content of your web pages should usually be placed in a type by html.frontpage table.You can also “include” this navigation system in all your web pages using a special feature in FrontPage.

If you want to add another category or link to all pages of your website in this way, all you have to do is open a web page, the navigation.htm page, and change the contents of that page.

changes are instantly reflected across hundreds of pages on your site.

You can see that this is 10,000 times easier than manually checking and editing the link bar on every page!

5. Web Forms FrontPage’s web forms feature allows you to create a feedback form for your website. Not only do these forms look good, they can help alleviate your spam problems.

Many webmasters have paid exorbitant fees to other companies for forms processing, even though for years it was easily and freely available to FrontPage users.

You can create any type of feedback form in minutes and have the form submission results sent to any email address of your choice.


I just gave you 5 invaluable tools to help you create professional-looking websites quickly.

While it doesn’t sound like much, consider this:

Let’s say you spend $50 and get a nice banner graphic for your new affiliate website.

Then create a neat HTML table, paste it into the banner, and use FrontPage 2003’s interactive button feature to create a navigation system.

You can use the same general template for each new page you create (for articles and other information about the product you are promoting).

Then complete each page with a beautiful photo or two from Microsoft’s clipart library.

With these basic techniques, you can easily create a professional-looking website in just an hour or two.

For more tips on building Microsoft FrontPage websites, see the Tips Bulletin at http://www.fphowto.com