How many poses are there in modern yoga?

Patanjali is a saint who authored number of Sanskrit texts including yoga sutras. There are hundreds of yoga poses and practicing all the postures within a short time is a challenging task. The Yoga Therapy in Dubai teaches basic yoga postures to the beginners.

You can gain mastery in basic yoga postures and practice them daily in your home. Short term courses offered at reputed Yoga Therapy in Dubai is gaining popularity. By doing yoga regularly, you can get rid of major and minor diseases permanently.

Yoga strengthens weak muscles and bones and rejuvenates the mind. You must learn yoga postures only from well-trained yoga masters. You will learn to flex the body and improve the postural problems. You will learn bending, stretching, and breathing exercises.

Yoga instills maximum confidence and boldness in your mind. You will learn to master the thought process and adapt to given situation with positive mindset. Yoga strengthens the immune system, streamlines your thoughts and actions.

Yoga Therapy in Dubai

People who practice yoga daily can lead a joyful and purpose life forever. Even babies and children can do yoga in the morning and strengthen their muscles. Patients struggling from digestive disorders, heart diseases and diabetes should practice yoga poses daily.