Why should you book a vacation rental in Dubai?

Are you dreaming to visit Dubai and stay in holiday home? If yes, then you must first chart out your holiday plans properly before visiting Dubai. There are plenty of Apartments for rent in Dubai that offers best hospitality services to its customers. You should choose the best Stay holiday homes that offers round-the-clock services.

The question which will strike your mind is – Are service apartments cheaper in Dubai? Yes, service apartments are cheaper than luxurious hotels and lodges. If you are visiting alone, you can save a lot when you choose to stay in single room service apartments. You can book your service apartment rooms in advance through online portals and schedule a visit to Dubai vacation rental apartments in Dubai.

The premium facilities and amenities which you can enjoy during your stay in luxury service apartments are listed below.

  • Free complimentary gifts
  • Free liquors
  • Free breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Free Wi-fi internet services.
  • Free room services like cleaning, cooking, and maid services.
  • Free airport pick and drop services.

You can use kitchen appliances, electronic gadgets and accessories during your short stay. Your wife can prepare morning coffee using coffee vending machines and also cook inside the kitchen using cooking items.

You can enjoy absolutely privacy during your stay. Service apartments do not allow trespassers, strangers and sellers inside the premises which ensures safety and security.